3 ways to stay motivated with your planner

3 ways to stay motivated with your planner
It happens ALL THE TIME. It's the new year. You buy a planner as part of your resolution to get organized, but as the year goes by, more pages get left blank. These three tips can help you create rituals to stay motivated all 365 days to be your most balanced, organized and best self.

1. Goal Setting

It’s difficult to stay motivated to use your planner if there’s no reason driving you to open it each day. While planners are a great place for daily reminders and to-do lists, they do nothing for you if don't remember to check them. To help you stay motivated develop a sets of goals you wish to track, whether that’s drink more water or exercise daily. This will serve as a daily reminder to open your planner and organize your day. This makes the planner a part of your new routine, creates rituals and motivates other organization habits in addition to goal setting.

2. Incentives

As you complete your goals, add incentives within the planner - weeks or months down the year. Incentives can be a great way to help you stay motivated. Treat yourself to something you really want, or book that spa day. Whatever incentive helps to keep you motivated and along the path of completing that goal. 

3. Make it YOU

It’s so important you choose a planner that fits with your personality. The more you love your planner, the more you’ll be excited to use it. With our digital planners, you can personal the files to add and move pages, make it fun with digital stickers and change covers to make it authentically YOU.